IonsGate Corporation

onsGate Preclinical Services Inc. is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing specialty biological assays for drug discovery and safety pharmacology. IonsGate provides an integrative approach to preclinical cardiac safety and drug discovery. The spectrum of testing ranges from cell based to conscious animal assays allowing the client to assess their test articles at several different levels of biological function. This battery of assays allows companies to make solid Go/No Go decisions about their test articles far earlier in the development process. Our assays include: – Cell Based Assays: To assess mechanism of action and off target effects of test compounds • Ion channel expertise (Manual PC and Qpatch (medium throughput)) • Contractility assay (Sarcomere shortening- IonOptix system) – Ex vivo Assays: To assess cardiac safety and/or efficacy • Isolated heart, Langendorff set up • Purkinje fiber assay: Action potential recording –In vivo Assays: To assess safety and/or efficacy with all physiological systems intact • Conscious animal assay: assess cardiovascular and CNS effects • Anesthetized animals: Echocardiography Pressure volume loop analysis of hemodynamics Arrhythmia model (Torsades de Pointe model) – Consulting • New assay development Assay custom-designed to your needs
Technology: CRO
Industry: CRO
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Founded Date: 2013
Employees Number: 10
Funding Status: Privately Held

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