NapiFeryn BioTech company

NapiFeryn BioTech is dedicated to oilseed processing companies and will be subject to license. The products of NFB technology, i.e. complete proteins obtained from rapeseed, are an alternative to animal-derived or soy protein isolates. Thanks to their excellent nutritional value as well as functional properties such as solubility, ability to form stable emulsions with oils etc, they can be used as valuable ingredients in novel food formulations. The origin of the company’s name, NapiFeryn BioTech (NFB in short), is a combination of two names of proteins that are obtained from rapeseed: napin and cruciferin. The idea to set up a company dealing with extraction of vegetable proteins, rapeseed being the first one to try, emerged in 2013. It was then that two biotechnologists, Magdalena Koz?owska and Piotr Wnukowski met each other while working for an international pharma corporation in the Netherlands. The founders decided to set up their business in Poland. NapiFeryn BioTech was thus established in 2014, with its operations now located at Bionanopark, a science and technology park in the city of ?ód?.
Technology: Others
Industry: Biotechnology, Health Care, Wellness
Headquarters: Lodz, Lodzkie, Poland
Founded Date: 2020-01-01
Employees Number: 11-50
Investors Number: 2
Total Funding: €5.4M
Last Funding Type: Grant

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